About The Artist: It is on these few square-meters in the Universe, ​a ​set to hand customized ​studio ​space ​suited for a cherub child, built to be a Comic & Card factory, ​nicknamed the War Room, situated in a quiet village of the Netherlands, that Your~Humble~Narrator with Wife and Son, a couple of High Caliber Maligators, by nature a ‘Caninetrovert’ if ever there was one, when he need not drive to the timber factory or other commercial carpentry that needs ​be ​done​; ​Gets to work on his t​rue passion and most befitting form of expression to ​compliment his persona​, derived and descended from a spartan upbringing, further fueled by the desired vocation of an avant-garde adolescent vandal, which steadily honed itself into the (im)mature, unmatched, unrivaled and unparalleled trade & craft of a solitary Game Smith​:

Design​ing​ & Drawing A Kick Ass Cyber-Battle War Game That Takes Place Behind Your Screens In The StarArena_MetaVerse!!

The Artist

About The Artist…

The ongoing Life’s Work of PJay ‘BabyAngel’ Frith, began the moment it was decided by a much younger version of himself to convert his ‘Nom De Guerre’ from TAG to TOY! Which opened up a new world of possibilities and lead to the first sketches in black books of his Trademark Characters as early as the year 1990 in the previous century, starting as Anti Heroes in the cute & brute adventures of The Baby Hype, sub commercially known as the Atomic Baby Clones, better known to others as Gods Vicious Babies, turned to War Babies that run rampant in the Arcade as Cyber Soldier Operatives in the future, while Terra Firma is in the aftermath of an ecological disaster and plummets into an eminent extinction event, turning Earth into a Post Apocalyptic setting and the last remaining humans seek survival and sanctuary in the StarArena_MetaVerse in pursuit of peace in this presumed paradise, but find themselves ‘Fuck Out Of Luck!’ in an eternal conflict of Order & Chaos while a ceaseless Cyber War rages against Evil Forces!

In short; He Will Make Up Any Excuse To Pick A Fight And ‘Draw’ Blood In Battle!


In His Own Words:

“I Do What I Do To Battle Boredom And Feed The Creative Drive!”
Or, is it; …Defuse The Demon That Dwells Within!?

On Rare Occasions I do Commissions, and ‘Only’ if they meet this criteria:
“Can the produced Artwork be Republished in the StarArena_MetaVerse as a Game-Card?”

If you want to Help this Artist succeed in his Goals: There is an opportunity for you to participate in Crowd Funding the StarArena_Game and become a Patron to this Project via Patreon/StarArena available in various degrees of sponsorship, all received in glory & gratitude.