How To Play

How to get started and How To Play.

Step 1: Pick-Up a Starter-Deck from the On-Line Booster-Packs (Keep-Hitting Refresh!!)

Step 2: Print your cards. Cut your cards. Give your cards a jacket to protect them in battle.
Check the link about cutting Cards in the Comics and Cards section on Patreon.

Finished doing all of the above?

Start by arranging your Cards in two sets: Hard-Ware (HW) & Soft-Ware (SW)

HW Cards =   Hero cards with a name in the left middle square
SW Cards =   Cards that add power and influence gameplay. 

Their name-window consists of three specifics:
1. Description
2. Level (which battle class or higher may use this SW_Card)
3. Battle-options: see below

Defense (Blue) / Offense (Red) / Special (Purple) 

Note: These colors do not relate to colour compatibility, this is only defined by the logo-ring colour in the top left window of the card!

How To Play

Select 1 main Color for your deck. There are 8 colors in total: 

These are 4 Primary Colors for Hardware and Software cards. Very common in Booster-Packs, and compatible with most SW_Cards. Good bet for building a deck. 

There are 4 Auxiliary Colors in Hardware and Software cards.  
Less common in booster packs as HW, but more compatible with other colors: less offensive and defensive value than primary colors. More versatile and great assets to other decks. Check the colored ring in the top left logo on your card. Its colors determine compatibility with other cards. See also: Color Compatibility.  

How To Play

This is the principal and most crucial rule when you are combining card colors in your DB. Color compatibility takes place by means of a Two-Way Authentication.

Check the colored logo ring at the top left of your cards: If that logo contains colors that match your main Deck-Color or certain HW_Cards you want to use, you can deploy this card in your DB.

How To Play

Each player starts with a same-sized Deck.
Boot Camp / Novice Deck:   8 – 32 Cards      (1HW : 1SW ratio)
Standard   / Advanced Deck:     64 Cards      (choose your own ratio)

Now shuffle your cards. You are ready to play StarArena TCG!

How To Play
How To Play

StarArena is a Turn-Based Battle-Game played by 2 up to 4 players. Tournament mode allows up to 8 players.

How To Play

Each Game-Turn consists of two possible Battle-Modes: Offense (Red) or Defense (Blue). 

Each card has offensive and defensive Strength. In battle, attacker and defender match up these values to decide who is stronger. Game play continues by adding extra HW or SW Cards during each Battle-Turn to beat the opponent’s Offensive or Defensive value.  

Adding SW_Cards (Apps) is not for free. It’s related to the offensive or defensive Download Capacity of your HW_Card.

Enhancing your Offensive or Defensive strength with SW_Cards is enabled by downloading SW_Apps. These apps have a download size in the bottom right section of their cards. The download size of an app cannot be larger than the Offensive or Defensive value (which is the same as the Storage-Capacity) of a HW_Card.

The entire turn in which a player has the initiative. He has 2 options:

Opt 1: Player attacks opponents with his HW_Card (+ SW_Cards if required). If he loses a battle, his turn ends.

Opt 2: Player decides to pass on his turn. Why? 

  • He has won enough battles and stops his turn voluntarily.
  • His HW_Card has too little offense value to compete with opponents’ defenses and/or insufficient download capacity to attack with extra SW_Cards. 
  • His HW_Card has better defensive skills than offensive skill

This is the part of a Game-Turn where players put cards in play, either to attack or defend. They can use HW or SW_Cards, with a maximum of 1 HW_Card each Battle-Turn.

SW_Cards can be downloaded according to a HW’s offensive or defensive ’download capacity’. The Battle-Turn switches when one player raises his offensive or defensive value over his opponent’s value.

  • Battle-Turns between two players keep switching until one side loses the battle or decides to quit because he is losing too many cards. These switches are synonym for strikes and responsive action during a fighting match. Attacker throws a punch (1 Battle-Turn), defender blocks or counter-attacks (1 Battle-Turn). 
  • During these Battle-Turns, added SW and HW values determine the outcome of a simple math equation: Defense or Offense has an advantage in points. When a Battle-Turn switches to an opponent because he has lesser points, he can add one HW_Card or upload SW_Apps to power up his previous or current HW_Card, depending on the last used HW offensive / defensive download capacity. These added values only help the last placed HW_Card in play.

When a HW_Card is used, its value can overcome the disadvantage in points. If it doesn’t, SW_Cards may also be added during Battle-Turn, depending on the download capacity of the new HW_Card. This will make up for a new Battle-Score-Equation. The HW and SW_Cards used in the previous Battle-Turn are now rendered useless in the ongoing battle and move to your Trash-Can on your left hand side. See also 3. Getting Started.  

In the above battle you have also seen SoftWare Modifiers at work. These are a critical addition to enhance and vary Game play options. At the bottom of the page you will find a list to assist you in battle until you know them by heart

1. Attack

Attacker puts HW_Card in play and aligns his offense score up against his opponent’s defense score. When the HW offense score is lower than the defender’s score, attacker must download SW_Cards / Apps into play to beat opponent. 

2. Defend

Defender responds to attacker’s score by uploading defense value to his score with SW_Cards or adding an extra HW_Card.

3. Surrender / Retreat

Attacker may retreat and defender may surrender during their Battle-Turn when they realize their hand is only losing cards if they continue to battle. 

  • In this case defender loses all his cards on the table. 
  • Attacker loses all cards except his last HW_Card in play. 

This HW remains on the table for his next Battle- or Game-Turn

1. Win:

If defender can’t beat the attacker’s offense value, the battle is won.

  • Attacker keeps Last HW_Card in play. 
  • Defender loses all cards to Trash-Can. 
  • Attacker loses SW_Cards to Trash-Can. 
  • Attacker continues Game-Turn.

2. Loss:

Defender has successfully defended against attacker by gathering more defense value than opponent’s offense value. 

  • Attacker loses Game-Turn and all used SW_Cards to Trash-Can.
  • Attacker & Defender keep their ‘Last-Played’ HW_Card.
  • Defender loses used SW_Cards to Trash-Can. 
  • Game-Turn goes to the player left of attacker.

3. Draw:

Attack Value and Defense Value are equal. JanKenPon has to decide who wins this battle. 

  • Attacker wins? See outcome 1.
  • Defender wins? See outcome 2

First phase and action of a player’s Game-Turn

In this phase all Servers are completed to 8 cards by drawing from the DB (if possible) and each player must place 1 Hero _the Active Hardware Card_ in front of him on the table. 


  • No more heroes in hand (only SW): SW-Swap: Replace your hand with even amount  of cards from your DB. Shuffle DB.
  • No more heroes in hand or in DB: You lose. 
  • Hero from previous battle still on the table. See also Battle-Turn outcomes. 

Final phase of a player’s Game-Turn. This occurs when attacking player:

  • Wins his battle (or battles when more than 2 players are involved). 

Loses a battle to an opponent. In this case, his last HW_Card remains on the table. 
All SW_Cards are disposed of in the Trash-Can. 

  • Decides to stop attacking after a successful winning streak;
  • Loses JanKenPon because his offensive values exactly matched opponent’s defensive values during battle.  
  • In all cases above, Game-Turn now goes to the player left of the attack
  • Shuffle your Deck (DB) and put it face down to your right
  • Take the top 8 cards off your DB, place in hand and sort them into HW (level class) and SW (offense / defense / special). This is your ‘Server’. Make sure opponents don’t see your hand. Refresh your server to 8 cards after each Game Turn (EOT)! 
  • Keep your left side reserved for your Trash-Can (disposed cards).

The Pay-Off
Of course we play for honour and sanctuary. But extra credit is always a great motivator. Determine the stakes: Do we play for Coins? Opponent’s Cards? Up to YOU!

  • All players select 1 HW_Card to start with and place it in front of them on the table. 
  • Who begins will be decided by JanKenPon, a.k.a. Rock Scissors Paper: Rock beats Scissors beats Paper beats Rock. Same hand? Retry.
  • 2+ Players? Jan/Ken/Pon majority win first round, 2 players: JanKenPon

Keep this list to your side to see what certain SW_Cards and battle options can do for you. 

Stay Tooned.