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Creator Owned & Operated Enterprise

A One Man Factory With One Goal In Mind,

Ready For Manga Madness & Mayhem

Creating A Kick-Ass Card & Board Game,

...Till Kingdom Cometh For This Angel!

And Battle With Gods-Vicious-Babies!

StarArena Game-Portals: Support & Shop Till You Drop!

Below, you will find an overview of how my art objects are categorized: Drawings of Game-Cards, Custom-Made Game-Boards, and Toys.

Recently, the slogan “No Dessert Until You Finish Your Veggies” has been lingering. As I finish building these final websites, I take my last bites… Starting production on Comics & Cards is almost within reach! However, If your game-smith is to remain a creator-owned, self-published entity, revenue from Original-Artwork is essential for its survival. 

StarArena.Games | Compendium (2021)

The Compendium is the only site on this list that is not a shop; instead, it serves as a Game-Bible. It is a treasure trove for game geeks and fanboys, providing all the ‘need-to-know’ information about the StarArena game system. The coronavirus-pandemic may not have been beneficial for my health, but it did lead to the completion of the Story-Design. For non-gamers, this website can be overwhelming with information and is best avoided if you do not want to delve into an encyclopedia.

Nevertheless, unavoidable if you want to follow future War Stories!

StarArena.Org | Legacy-Gallery & Card-Factory (2012)

At face value, it appears to be a gallery featuring very Old Artwork and a remake of the 2002 website. The artwork dates back to the previous millennium and StarArena version 1.0, while these Legacy Cards will be gradually discontinued. But the real power lies in the back-end, as the database engine feeds the online Booster-Packs Printandplay.StarArena.Cards battling against Printandplay.DemonArmy.Cards. The !!FREE!! Booster-Packs are made available to attract game testers from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

This web technology is brought to you courtesy of the StarArena Code-Master: Randy.nu

StarArena.Cards | Gallery & Library (2023)

Although it comes preloaded with earlier trial-run drawn cards from a few years back while still working in construction… This webshop signifies a fresh start! Come the new year of 2024, your humble game-smith will have completed the building phase and enter the next stage! All Original-Artwork created for future War-Stories in the form of Comics & Cards will be available for purchase in the galleries. This “Paradiso-Gallery” is home to Heroes who defend The Arcade against the Evil-Demon-Bastards set on eradicating the last of humankind.

Despite being outnumbered, Gods-Vicious-Babies never surrender, and no quarter is given.

StarArena.Game | Gameboard-Gallery (2023)

Once you become proficient in Card-Battle, you can progress to playing Arena-Games and obtain an Ultra-Collectible Limited-Edition Tabletop Sensation. Each of these game-boards is numbered in sequence of production and designed and assembled by the creator of the StarArena. The tagline for this product perfectly embodies ‘Senjutsu‘ (戦術, Art of War): “Playable Art” or “Art You Can Play With!” Even if you are not into turn-based strategy games, this one-of-a-kind game-board will elevate your Art Collection to divine heights!

But trust me, you will feel so much better as the “owner” of a StarArena with Battle Damage!

DemonArmy.Cards | Gallery & Library (2023)

The “Inferno-Gallery” is a new website that will be stocked with Original-Artwork generated from drawing Comics & Cards starting in 2024. Be warned; this so-called “Game-Art” is not for the faint of heart and will depict highly disturbing scenes and characters. Featuring sick and twisted Evil-Demon-Bastards under the command of the Generals-Of-Hell, with no regard for honor or decency towards the living. If ‘Hack & Slash’ tickles your sweet-spot, then your grumble game-smith aims to satisfy your craving at the highest-level of Gore-Score.
If you, the viewer, find this offensive? Feel free to ‘Move-On’ and keep your opinions to yourself.

StarArena.Toys | Action-Figure Gallery (2023)

This department in the StarArena Research & Development division is the reason why I wanted to become a Manga-Artist in the first place. If we, the TBH crew, could transform our TAGS into TOYS, we would achieve King-Of-Kings status and live like rock stars! Even if the Toy-Baby-Heroes are not mass-produced by the millions for placement under the Christmas tree as the Hot-Toy-Of-This-Century? At least we will leave behind these custom-made limited-edition Toy-Figures, which are works of art designed with luxury & deluxe craftsmanship.
Maybe my most personally invested project and how I keep ‘Bombing’ in a life after Graffiti?

StarArena.Minis | 3D Printing Factory (2020)

This Game-Portal is an external vendor that showcases the results of Research & Development conducted between 2017 and 2020 on Miniatures. This game-expansion takes The-Card-Game to new heights in the realm of turn-based strategy, massive-multiplayer (online) role-playing-games, and building armies. This company is where we ordered our Prototypes, and also where you can order your Collectibles directly from the factory. It saves StarArena the hassle of maintaining inventory, and why should one pay double for shipping and handling?
The added Battle-Classes and Game-Coins add an unparalleled dimension to gameplay.

StarArena.Decks | Card Printing Factory (2020)

We work with another external vendor company because it provides a Print-On-Demand service for both large and small quantities! Again, it saves us from investing in inventory and you get your products sent to your doorstep without bothering the game-smith during production. This Game-Portal might not look very impressive at the moment, but once Game-Cards leave Test-Status, they are uploaded to The-Game-Crafter. At this point, our Comics are converted into high-quality Game-Decks for you to order at your hearts content.

If I am any good at what I do? You will see this Game-Portal evolve into a Card Arcadia.

What Does A 'GameSmith' Do?

To Stick With The Analogy At The Top Of The Page;
Setting Up The Game-Mechanics, General-Game-Design and Story-Outline
Are The ‘Veggies‘ On My Plate.

Creating StarArena Comics & Cards In My mind Is Essentially Story-Boarding Battle Choreography For Future Digital Games And Animation-Scenes or Series.
In Other Words: The Devilishly Delicious Treat And Dessert!!

The Game-Portals Above Are Set-Up To Cover Cost Of Comic & Card Productions.
Meanwhile, The Prime-Directive Of This ‘Game-Smith‘ Is To Savor
The Manga-Mayhem He Is About To Create!

Star Arena Games
is Open To Collaborations in Production & Publications.
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