Thirteen Years Of Preparation...

Carpenter By Day, Sleeping Beauty By Night!

...And Now Pencil Carves The Paper!

When Neither Apply, I Work On StarArena.

Caution: Contains Game-Gore Galore!!

Suggested For Mature Readers & Gamers.

What Is A Game-Smith? And How The Hell Does One Become One!?

Although I am a genuine Game-Smith, I am unable to provide guidance on how to join the ranks. Unlike in this day and age, there were no schools or courses available to aid you in your quest to become One. The closest thing was Graphic-School, just before the dawn of Desktop-Publishing, and they taught book-printing and binding. This was not a place that nurtured your creativity and _even though it was a breeding-ground for graffiti-writers_ it did not coach you to become an Artist.
Much like all my other extracurricular-activities in my misspent youth, inspiration was found and followed the popular phrase: “Out on the streets.” Pick any name from 80’s Arcade-Emulators, and if played, I can tell you where the machine(s) were located in Amsterdam. As most coin-operated Arcade games were single-player, it was common practice to cut class to avoid rush hour and fights.
Although nothing beats the sensation of playing the real deal, this humble game-smith is not unfamiliar with home entertainment systems. The platforms in my life have been Atari, Sega, PlayStation1, and eventually, I got into MMORPG and FPS games on a PC. And suddenly, the trial goes cold, and I lose interest… Presently, I am occasionally called in to watch my son play brutal battles or view saved scenes on the PS4.

As a general rule, I-Do-Not-Play-Other-Games because I do not want to compromise the authenticity of my own ongoing project. For I do not want to be inspired by or borrow game-mechanics from other-productions any more than I already have. Fortunately, I have never played Dungeons & Dragons in my entire life. However, the only board game I truly enjoyed and suck at was chess, and look where that has brought me!

In the early nineties, I felt it was my calling to become a Manga Artist. However, I struggled with the amount of work it required for a single read-through. Then, your humble narrator became spellbound by the phenomenon of Trading-Card-Games and realized that the solution to the previous conundrum was Replay-Value!

The spark that ignites the journey of becoming a Game Smith is not found solely within the games themselves, but rather in the deep-rooted urge to tell a captivating story.

About Star Arena Games...

The company is a one-man factory run by PJay_BabyAngel_Frith. It started as a hobby project in 1995 and was reopened in 2010 to spend his downtime on, in between commissions as a Woodsmith. He always told himself that someday he would focus on it full-time, until Covid kicked his ass in December 2020. Three years later, it seems unlikely that ‘ANGEL’ will return to carpentry in full capacity.

Little did he know that he was working on his forced retirement plan. This is now his Trade and Craft.

What sets this Game Smith apart is his approach to storytelling, which avoids the traditional linear storyline and conventional protagonists. Admittedly, there will be a high degree of White Hats versus Black Hats in the form of Heroes battling Demons. Besides the obvious duality that permeates the story’s landscape & structure, this will be the only predictable element in this puzzle. Instead, the story will encompass one Epic-Battle in its entirety, taking place on a single day in time and history. Hence, its name is the Mega-War-Game.

This project has been in the making for thirteen years, and after all the preparation and pre-production, now… We are ready for Big-Fun With Big-Gun!! As the creator of StarArena, I am thrilled and excited to announce the next phase of game development: Comics & Cards. “For me… The major-investments have already been made with the various proofs-of-concept, and now your humble game-smith can simply enjoy drawing.” And the story comes full circle, as this is the reason he originally created the game – To Bring Hell & Tell War-Stories!

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